The 1st Asian Conference of Design History and Theory ACDHT 2015 Osaka


The Journal of the Asian Conference of Design History and Theory, No.1, 2016  Download (PDF:787KB)

Theme I : Design Education before the Bauhaus

Towards an Ideal Education for Arts and Crafts:
k.k. Österreichisches Museum für Kunst und Industrie and Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna before 1900
Tomoko Kakuyama
Text (PDF:102KB)
Pioneers of Japanese Design Education from Bijutsu to Kogyo Zuan in the Meiji Era
Yoshinori Amagai
Text (PDF:98KB)
Architectural Education in Sweden from the late 19th to the early 20th century
— National Romanticism and the Stipendieresa (Stipendiary Study Trip) —
Tomoyo Kobayashi
Text (PDF:160KB)
Hölzel Circle as the Proto-Bauhaus:
the Situation in the Stuttgart Academy and the Concept Brought to the Bauhaus
Kanae Aoki
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Theme II : Design Education in the age of the Bauhaus

Teaching Design to Children:
The Meaning of Richardson's 'Pattern-making'
Mariko Kaname
Text (PDF:90KB)
The Landschaft concept in architectural education at the Bauhaus under Hannes Meyer:
analysis of the notes of Meyer and his students
Hideo Tomita
Text (PDF:125KB)
Kakutaro Yamazaki, His Visit to the West, and His Influence on Urushi Art Education
at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts
Yoshie Itani
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Theme III : Design Education after the Bauhaus

Kosei and Zokei Education:
Bauhaus and the Formation of Kuwasawa Design School
Hidehiro Ikegami
Text (PDF:99KB)
The Development of Design Education for Children in Japan
Keisuke Takayasu
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